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Welcome to the Deshpande Lab
Welcome to the Deshpande Lab

Under the purview of the DOD Gulf-War Illness Research Program and the NIH CounterACT Research Program, we are identifying calcium-signaling based therapeutics for the neurological consequences of pesticide exposures. My laboratory is committed to scientific education and research and we welcome students and investigators who would like to partner with us on this mission.

Lab/ Office:

Kontos Medical Sciences Bldg.


1217 E. Marshall St.

Richmond, VA 23298

Tel: 804-828-3392


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Current Events

Dr. Ribeiro-Davis will join Thermo Scientific as a Scientist. We wish her the very best.

We are looking for a postdoc candidate to join our lab. Current projects funded by the NIH and the DOD focuses on molecular mechanisms for organophosphate toxicities. We are also optimizing therapies for the treatment chronic neurological morbidities that develop following organophosphate exposures. Please email for additional details.


Read details and apply here.

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