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Welcome to the Deshpande Lab
Welcome to the Deshpande Lab

Under the purview of the DOD Gulf-War Illness Research Program and the NIH CounterACT Research Program, we are identifying calcium-signaling based therapeutics for the neurological consequences of pesticide exposures. My laboratory is committed to scientific education and research and we welcome students and investigators who would like to partner with us on this mission.

Current Events

Dr. Yamnath Paudel joins our lab as a postdoc. Yam earned his PhD from Monash University and subsequently trained at Mayo Clinic and Indiana University. His research interests are neuroinflammation and epilepsy.

Our paper reporting the development of chronic epilepsy following status epilepticus induced by various organophosphate compounds is now published in JPET.

Our latest paper in JPET demonstrates that the inhibition of histone deacetylase (HDAC) and BDNF upregulation underlies the antidepressant effect of ketamine in Gulf War Illness depression

Our lab received UG3 funding support from the NINDS CounterACT Program to investigate therapeutic potential of verapamil for alleviating the neurological comorbidities of lethal organophosphate intoxication.

Deshpande-McClay lab received a pilot grant from VCU PMDC for studying molecular mechanisms underlying memory impairment related to occupational chlorpyrifos exposure.

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