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Dr. Ribeiro-Davis will join Thermo Scientific as a Scientist. We wish her the very best.

The Alzheimer's and Related Diseases Research Award Fund (ARDRAF) has selected our proposal, "Assessment of Beta-site amyloid precursor protein cleaving enzyme 2 (BACE2) in a rat model of occupational-like organophosphate pesticide exposure" for 2022-2023 award cycle. This project is in collaboration with Dr. McClay, VCU School of Pharmacy.

As part of implementing the One VCU Research Strategic Priorities Plan, our proposal, "Single-cell gene expression analysis of organophosphate neurotoxicity in the hippocampus," has been selected for a VCU Quest Fund award for 2022 cycle. This project is in collaboration with Dr. McClay, VCU School of Pharmacy.

Dr. Ribeiro presented data on the development of a chronic depression-like condition following occupational level exposure to pesticide chlorpyrifos during adulthood at the 61st SOT meeting. The accompanying paper was published in Neurotoxicology

Deshpande-McClay lab received a pilot grant from VCU PMDC for studying role of epigenetics in a rat model for environmentally-induced Parkinson's Disease

Our review of pre-clinical models for Gulf War Illness has been published in Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Our paper with McClay lab provides evidence for chronic epigenetic histone alterations and its alleviation by valproic acid therapy in a rat model of Gulf War Illness.

Dr. Deshpande and colleagues presented on the Gulf War Illness State of the Science at a Virtual Conference. Links to the presentations are located on the conference website

Our papers on ketamine and Gulf War Illness are now published. These papers suggest role of calcium and BDNF signaling in antidepressant-like effect of ketamine in a rat model of Gulf War Illness related depression

Will blockade of Tumor Necrosis Factor improve Gulf War Illness related symptoms? In collaboration with Dr. Dixon our lab will investigate effects a solTNF inhibitor in a rat model for Gulf War Illness

Is there an accelerated aging in Gulf War Illness? A new project funded by DOD-CDMRP in collaboration with Dr. McClay will explore this hypothesis

Dr. Ana Ribeiro joins our lab as a Post-Doctoral Scholar. Ana obtained her PhD from Univ. of Milan, Italy and her thesis was on "A spine to nucleus signaling pathway in Alzheimer’s Disease"

Congratulations to Jackie Zhu for receiving the 2020-21 VCU Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Jackie Zhu presented her work on Ketamine and Gulf War Illness at the 2019 Posters on the Hill event organized by the Council on Undergraduate Research held at Washington DC and at the 2019 SOT meeting in Baltimore.

Maris Ratliff presented at the 2019 VCU Poster Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creativity. She was supported by JakeLinn Harris, Narmeen Rashid, and Jackie Zhu.

Gulf War Illness and neuroinflammation- collaborative project with Dr. Jamie DeWitt at ECU recommended for funding. Project begins Aug-2019.

Dr. Deshpande elected as the Fellow of the American Epilepsy Society (FAES)

Dr. Deshpande presented a talk on the Neurobiology of the Gulf War Illness at Virginia Tech Fralin Life Science Institute Fall-2018 Seminar Series

Dr. Deshpande spoke on "The Toxicological Basis of Gulf War Illness" at VCU Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology 2018 Fall Seminar Program

Congratulations Edna Santos on receiving VCU-Biology and VCU-UROP Travel Award for  2018 SOT meeting in San Antonio. Edna will be joining the VCU Biomedical Sciences Doctoral Program.

Congratulations Wasamah Sheikh on getting accepted for the Hopkins Inst. of Cell Engineering 2018 Summer Research Program.

We welcome Elisa Hawkins to our lab. Elisa will be our Sr. Lab and Research Specialist. Hokies balance is maintained in the lab!

We are excited that Dr. Kristin Phillips will be joining as an Assistant Professor in the School of Neuroscience at Virginia Tech.

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