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Dr. Deshpande presented a talk on the Neurobiology of the Gulf War Illness at Virginia Tech Fralin Life Science Institute Fall-2018 Seminar Series

Dr. Deshpande spoke on "The Toxicological Basis of Gulf War Illness" at VCU Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology 2018 Fall Seminar Program

Gulf War Illness and Epigenetics- new DOD research grant starting Aug. 15th, 2018

Congratulations Edna Santos on receiving VCU-Biology and VCU-UROP Travel Award for  2018 SOT meeting in San Antonio.

Dr. Deshpande promoted to Associate Professor in the Department of Neurology at VCU

CounterACT grant coverage on VCU NEWS

Deshpande-lab receives a DOD-CDMRP grant for assessing antidepressant effects of Ketamine for Gulf War Illness depression

The VCU Neurology welcomes new chairman - A. Gordon Smith, MD, FAAN

Congratulations Edna Santos on getting accepted in the VCU Biomedical Sciences Doctoral Program.

Congratulations Wasamah Sheikh on getting accepted for the Hopkins Inst. of Cell Engineering 2018 Summer Research Program.

We welcome Elisa Hawkins to our lab. Elisa will be our Sr. Lab and Research Specialist. Hokies balance is maintained in the lab!

We are excited that Dr. Kristin Phillips will be joining as an Assistant Professor in the School of Neuroscience at Virginia Tech.

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